Saturday 11th May 2019 : 2.00 - 5.00pm
Saturday 25th May 2019 : 2.00 - 5.00pm

Have you ever wondered what goes on inside a beehive? Maybe you've considered keeping bees yourself, or are concerned about the challenges affecting bees and would like to know how to help our valuable pollinators.

I had the real joy of spending a morning with Jennifer Moore @wayward_bee. It is always a pleasure to be with like-minded souls talking about things that are truly important to consider in these modern times we live in. Jennifer's knowledge of, and respect for, these wonderful honey-producing pollinators is really inspiring.


You can join us at Starnash Farmhouse in May to hear Jennifer talk about these fascinating insects and how we can work with them, respecting their natural ways, and how to produce small batches of wild and wonderful honey for your own consumption. Honey produced this way tastes delicious, is as local as can be (so we are talking 'food metres' rather than thousands of food miles), and it is packed full of amazing nutrients, therefore so good for your immune system. To find out more read Jennifer's latest blog post at


We will be holding two afternoon workshops this May, so this is a great way to spend an afternoon if you are coming to stay at Starnash Farmhouse that weekend. If you want to come along to the workshop without staying, that is fine too. You'll be spending the afternoon with interesting and interested people and leave with knowledge and inspiration and an informative handout. The workshops will be relaxed and enjoyable, and there will be honey tasting and a Sussex cream tea to end the afternoon. 

For further enquiries and bookings please contact Vicky at,

or 'phone or text on 07876255792, or email Jennifer at