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When I was a student (back in the day when we had student grants rather than student loans), I would work on farms during the long summer holidays, harvesting sugar beet in the blazing heat, or stand for hours on a bone-shaking trailer as it rumbled over the dry clods of the potato fields whilst we riddled out all the rotten potatoes that travelled along a moving conveyor belt. My friend and I would save all the money we earned to pay off our termly overdrafts and if there was anything left over at the end we'd plan a few days' holiday. These were no exotic holidays, more likely we would pitch a leaky tent on a sand dune and and share a bottle of cider whilst we took shelter from summer stor

How We Live In Modern Times

I was listening to the news at lunchtime - the crazy, crazy news that we take for granted these days - as I ladled fragrant, spicy soup into bowls and sliced hunks of freshly baked sourdough bread. Outside Storm Erik blustered and a formation of geese struggled against the wind to fly over the farmhouse chimneys. I took off my apron and we sat down at the table to eat, a fire blazing in the wood burner and daffodils glowing brightly in a pea green jug. The kitchen is filled with old things; an inglenook fireplace which used to have witches' markings scratched into the brickwork to ward off evil spirits. It still hosts a small irascible looking figurine of a bishop, surely a talisman that has

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